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After leaving NASA, Aldrin returned to the Air Force - the first astronaut ever to do that - but found himself with an assignment that he did not want. He had chosen not to be retrained as a test pilot but was put in as Commander of the test pilot school. "That didn't sit too well with me and I was uncertain of what Iwas going to do," he says. "I'd been to the Moon, I'd travelled the world, but whatwould I do next? I felt discouraged and disappointed and I had to overcome these things to be able to take what Idoand my experiences and make themrelevant for the future and allow meto continue to serve my country."

Today Aldrin can lay good claim tobeing the most travelled human of alltime. Not only has he been to the Moon and into space on several other occasions, he has also been to the Titanic,two miles below sea-level. Hehas visited theNorth Pole aboard aRussian nuclear-powered icebreaker, and most recently the South Pole.Patek Philippe Replica Watches And, if all of that wasn't enough, earlier this year he became the oldest person ever to fly with the US Thunderbirds. Referring to his South Pole adventure, he acknowledges the difficulty, saying breathlessness trekking at 9,000 feet ledto an enforcedevacuation, adding: "But we guys don't do things because they're easy, we do them because they'rehard. That's what President Kennedy said all those years ago."

Fiercely proud of what he and his colleagues achieved with the Apollo programme and lunar missions, Aldrin believes that the future lies on Mars. "There is little point in any more planetary landings - we did that in 1969 - so, instead of rendezvous to bring people back to earth, we need to have reusable rendezvous so that we can re-use the landing module instead of leaving it behind. My work over the past few decades has been to develop a Mars cycling orbit with perpetually cycling reusable spacecraft allowing continuousresupply of the planet."

Aldrin trekking through the the South Pole.

Disappointingly, Aldrin feels that despite huge interest in travelling to Mars, no one has the right motivation or is taking the time to make considered decisions. Whether political or corporate expeditions, he believes that everyone needs to slow down, suggesting that the first logical trip to the planet is still decades away. "I try to be realistic about how we would get technology to go to other planets. I think there is a desire to want to rush and I think we need to slow down," he says. "Despite his ambitions, President Trump is not going to get someone to Mars in his first term - andnot in his second term. We have met with Vice President Pence and he is very interested in doing things in space. But we've got to give them some guidance, let's put it that way.Patek Philippe replica watches I'm convinced that going to Mars and then leaving it empty is not the right way. I think the only purpose of going is to start to build up a settlement there and we should wait until we can do this very confidently, very completely, not real quick to just get there and come back.

"Everyone has their own driving force, expectations and objectives. Forme it is an obligation to serve my country that drives me. But not everyone is as purely motivated as I am. A president is going to take an idea because it is good for him and that's OK - it's fine, it means he is valuing the decisions he makes because he's on record as having made them. I've learned to preface my approach with two words: fiscal discipline. We need to stop things that are being done just because the vested interest doesn't want to see change. I want to point out to the people making decisions what their legacy could be if they adopt my approach because Ihave carefully considered the people who may be carrying these things out andthe practicalities involved."